Visit Guide to Shahi Bazar

The Shahi Bazar is considered one of the longest bazaars in Asia, running about 2km long. It starts from Pakka Qila and ends at Market Tower (Navalrai Clock Tower). Here you can find some of Hyderabad’s oldest bazaars selling arts, crafts, embroidery and jewelry of Sindhi heritage.

Getting There

Shahi Bazar of Hyderabad is located in center of Hyderabad city, Sindh. We can easily go there by car.

What to Expect

Shahi Bazar is the best place of shopping in Hyderabad for all age group. All kind of size and quality are available at there at reasonable prices.


The word Shahi is derived from the word ‘Shah’ which means ‘kings’. This bazaar is known as Shahi Bazaar because it was first established by Kalhora ruler who, when changed the capital of Sindh from Khudabad to Hyderabad, persuaded many traders to come and start trading at this bazaar.

It starts from the very gate of the Packo Qilo Fort and extends up to the Naval Rai Clock Tower. The Reshm Ghati is lateral extension of Shahi Bazaar. Large variety of glass bangles, Sindhi ‘Kundan’ gold jewelry as well as imitation jewelry can be bought from Resham Ghiti.