Visit Guide to Sharan Forest

Sharan is a beautiful, untouched forest reserve in KPK, Pakistan. The forest is dense with heavy vegetation. It is for now mostly non-commercial, hence very clean with less influx of tourists. The forest is adjacent to Manshi Top, which again is a lush green plateau.

Getting There

There are two ways to get to Sharan valley by travelling public transport like Faisal Mover, Daewoo express, or other locals coaster services.

The bus transport will take you till Mansehara, then change some other transportation to reach Balakot or direct Paras and then 16 km jeep track leading to Sharan forest. But most people opt to reach the forest with private transport like car/bike.

What to Expect

Trekking, fishing, and horse riding are some of the main interests of the Sharan forest. The temperature is always pleasant here. Sharan forest is said to be the untouched beauty in the middle of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The forest is beautiful and clean. It is home to many flora and fauna. The locals of Sharan forest are friendly and loving people.

Although hotels are a little far from Sharan forest, the forest has tent facilities. Some of the hotels at a distance from Sharan forest are Tourist Inn Hotel Shogran, Chinar Resort, Lalazar Family Resort, and Arcadian Sprucewoods Luxury Resort. The dense, heavy vegetation of the Sharan forest can steal your heart so do not forget to visit it and plan your trip soon to witness the beautiful forest.

Facilities Available

  • Local guides are available
  • People of Kaghan valley are very hospitable
  • Hotel and Guest House are available in Kaghan valley
  • Kaghan valley can be accessible thought local transport and can book a car on rent.
  • Tourism Department helps the Tourist/ Visitors through providing broachers in both Urdu and English languages. The local Police and the local Guides can speak multi languages (i.e local languages, Urdu, English and some of them can speak Chinese also).
  • There is a bus stand in Kaghan valley for public transportation.
  • Filling stations are available in Kaghan valley which includes Petrol and Diesel.
  • Taxis are available in Kaghan valley on daily rent basis.
  • Shops are available in Kaghan valley