Visit Guide to Navoi

The youngest and the most industrialised region of Uzbekistan, Navoi is a multicultural land. The contrast between the spectacular historic sights and the lively cultural scene makes a visit to Navoi an exciting adventure. Wander throughSarmishsoymountains,visit Nurota, explore Kasim Shaikh complex , and ride up the Todako’l lake. Navoi’s endless sights, friendly locals, and nightlife offer something for every traveler.

As one of the most visited cities, Navoi is very well connected and easily accessible from all corners of the world.  Whether you are travelling from the North for a night out, the west for a weekend away, the south for a city adventure or the east for the ultimate urban experience ,our airport, rail and bus connections offer a range of options.

Navoi International airport offers tickets at a reasonable price making the tour more affordable. You can find train service at any time of the day again for the affordable price. Sit back, relax and take in the sights on a bus tour. Many bus tours let you jump on and off so you can visit attractions, have lunch or go shopping.

Alisher Navoi monument, NavoiKasim Shaikh Complex, 45 kilometers from Navoi there is the Sarmish Gorge – “the biggest stone mural gallery in the world”. On the area of two kilometers length you will find almost four thousands petroglyphs of various periods. Researchers have found here strange paintings, representing “ancient astronauts”. Moreover, from time to time, anomalous phenomena occur in the mysterious gorge of Sarmish, and therefore this area attracts researchers of UFO centers.

Today Navoi city is one of the leading industrial centers of Uzbekistan. It has Navoi Mining & Metallurgical Combinat, producing gold, JSC “Navoiazot”, specializing on production of mineral fertilizers, ammonia and artificial Nitron Fiber, electrochemical plant. In addition, Navoi has Navoi Hydropower station, the largest in Uzbekistan JSC “Kyzylkumcement” and many others industrial projects of republican importance.

Though the city is very young, this area and surroundings of current Navoi has rich history. In ancient times the Great Silk Road passed through these lands. Also findings of numerous traces of Ancient Saki, Khorezm, Baktriya cultures resulted from archeological researches of the area. The Sogdian civilization, which is one of the most ancient world civilizations, was born in Zarafshan River valley.

If you ever have a chance to take a tour to historical places such as Rabat Malik, Sarmishsay, Chashma you will be admired how far the history of the region will take you.

The modern Navoi region was founded in 1958 by uniting parts of Bukhara and Samarkand regions, and named after the great Uzbek poet and statesman Alisher Navoi. 

From ancient times territory of the province was considered as a significant place due to its strategic location and natural resources. The region was on important trade route – The Great Silk Road and served as dialogue of cultures and communication for people of East and West.

Bright, iridescent waterfalls of silk fabrics, incendiary melodies of musical instruments, inviting splashes of hands.


There are a number of holidays and festivals taking place in Uzbekistan as well as in Navoi. Navruz- Eastern New Year is one of the most popular ones held every 21 March. All over the region families and local communities prepare sumptuous feasts for all to enjoy.  Tourists can taste various national foods during this holiday, like sumalyak, khalim and khalisa.

Every year , the green hills of Navoi turns into a meeting of the present and the past. The international folklore festival in Nurota district allows you to plunge into the centuries-old past, get acquainted with the ancient culture of people, carefully preserving and passing on from generation to generation the customs and traditions of the people.

Besides singing and dancing exhibitions with masterpieces and hand-made embroidery created by local  artists will decorate a few days anyone will remember.

Navoi is a year-round destination for travelers- mostly because there’s always something to do and somewhere to go in the city. While the best and the mildest temperatures occur in September, October, May and June, vacations during the snowy winter or blistering summer provide exciting opportunities to experience Navoi in different ways.

The climate of the province is sharply continental with dry and hot summer, cold winter with some snow, green spring and rainy autumn. One can really enjoy the features of each season of the year.

The best time to visit Navoi is from April to June and September to November when the weather is warm and pleasant but the tourist crowds are not overwhelming.

Region’s subsoil is rich in precious metals (including gold), tungsten, phosphorites, basalt, kaolin, quartz sand, cement raw materials, limestone and other minerals. Navoi region is therefore already one of the centers of the mining, chemical and energy industries of the country. Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant, Navoi Thermal Power Plant JSC, Navoiazot JSC, Kyzylkumcement JSC and other large enterprises are located in this region. Navoi International Airport operated by Korean Air is the largest air cargo terminal in Central Asia.

It is noteworthy that the first FEZ in Uzbekistan was established in Karamin district of Navoi region in 2008. Now with the enactment of Presidential Decree No. UP-5719 of May 15, 2019 (the “Decree”) an unprecedented decision has been made to expand the territory of the FEZ to the entire Navoi region for the period up to January 1, 2030, with the possibility of a further extension of this period.