Visit Guide to Uzundara

Climb to this ancient hilltop fortress for breathtaking views of the surrounding plains in Uzbekistan. Marvel at remarkably preserved sections of 3m high walls that once protected the borders of ancient Bactria. Let your imagination run wild picturing life in the ruins.

Getting There

Take the train to Baysun and then continue by road to Uzundara. You will have to make the last part of the journey on foot, climbing from the track to the top of the hill.

What to Expect

Uzundara’s hilltop location is its biggest draw as the views of the surrounding landscape are superb. The ruins of the fortress are less impressive than some contemporary sites such as Kurganzol, but nevertheless instil a feeling of excitement in history lovers imagining the lives of the fortress’ ancient residents.


Uzundara was constructed as a military outpost to protect the borders of Bactria from nomadic incursions. Its date of origin is unclear but it was certainly rebuilt in stone in the early 3rd century BC, and it was inhabited for around 100 years before being destroyed during a nomadic assault and consequently abandoned.

Archaeologists from the Russian-Uzbek Archaeological Expedition believe that Uzundara comprised a main quadrangle, triangular citadel, outer wall, and 13 towers. They were able to excavate two storeys of a corner tower, plus 3m high sections of wall, which were unexpectedly well preserved. Fragments of iron shields found here are now being studied by the Institute of Archaeology.