Visit Guide to A.Navoi National Park

Alisher Navoi National Park located in the Chilanzar district of Tashkent near Almazar Street, is the largest city park in the country. Since its foundation, the place has become a popular chill-out zone for the city residents, occupying an area of 65 hectares, of which 9 hectares are allocated for water pounds. The park has good green space and a large number of well-manicured grassy lawns, fountains and flower gardens.

Getting There

To get to the destination by car from the city center along the Baynalmilal ko’chasi is very easy and takes about three minutes.

Buses No. 13, No. 84, No. 100, No. 111, No. 132 run to the main chill-out place of all city people. Don’t forget to get off at the stop “National Park”.

Metro is another option to get to the site, and you should get off at the stations “National Park” (Milliy Bog) or “Friendship of peoples” (Bunyodkor), and then walk within a few minutes to the Besh Agach square.

What to Expect

Those who come here can not only take a walk in the fresh air, but also actively spend time with the family. The youngest ones will be happy with slides and swings, and most of all the children will like the railway, which due to its fully functional communication system with tracks, semaphores, a diesel locomotive and carriages for many years enjoys immense popularity in the park. On a permanent basis, the national park becomes a venue for various holidays and events; those who come here will always find something to see and be able to find something to their liking.

The most romantic park in the city with a sustainable design, which has become a link between the great past of the people and the future, is rich in sights. Here you can spend time cycling or rollerblading, swimming is allowed in the large artificial lake in summer. There are many restaurants and cafes on its shore, serving both proper lunches and light snacks. There is a boat station next to the lake; in the warm season, park guests willingly rent boats and catamarans; there are also two beaches near the pond eastern shore.

The park is famous for its buildings and structures for various purposes: there is an art gallery, fountains, Friendship of Peoples concert hall, the Wedding Palace, the main stage where all festive celebrations are held, an exhibition center, the arts, Hunarmand crafts association, offering souvenirs and gifts, and a popular among visitors Navruz restaurant .


The place was laid out by the Tashkent komsomols in 1932 onsite of the old brick factory quarries, and the hashar method or public construction, when people unite for collective work, timed to some event, was used for the construction.

The opening of the National Park took place in 1937, then it bore the name of the Central Culture and Leisure Park named after Lenin Komsomol, later it was renamed. The place owes its present name to the great educator and poet Alisher Navoi.

Facilities Available

  • Friendship of Peoples Concert Hall
  • Mukimi Theater
  • Abulkosim Madrasah
  • Humo Arena
  • Kamolon Osh Markazi
  • Tashkent Barbershop
  • Azon Cafe – Book Cafe