Visit Guide to Alisher Navoi Monument

Alisher Navoi (1441-1501) – an outstanding statesman, educator, founder of Uzbek literature. A highly educated person, he studied in Herat, Mashhad, and Samarkand. Serving as the chief vizier of Sultan Hussein Baykar, used his influence for the sake of the people. Under Alisher Navoi madrasahs (schools) were opened, poets, musicians, and artists were actively provided support.

Getting There

Alisher Navoi Park is located in the area of Almazar Street. Opened in the 30s, the park is manicured, there is an artificial pond. A number of cultural and administrative institutions, such as Abulkasym Madrasah, Oliy Majlis (Parliament), Wedding Palace, Istiklol Concert Hall are located within the park. In the center of it there is a monument to the Uzbek poet Alisher Navoi.

The nearest metro station is Milliy Bogh.

What to Expect

You can see the monument to Alisher Navoi and many other monuments. Different entertainments and services are available.


In 1991, a monument to the poet and thinker Alisher Navoi was erected on the territory of the park. Memorial complexes of the people’s writers of Uzbekistan Abdulla Kakhhar (in 2007), Oybek (2010), as well as Said Akhmad and the poetess Saida Zunnunova (2013) were also created here. A new building of Uzbekistan Writers Union will also be built onsite the park, and the Culture and Art of Uzbekistan Exhibition Hall, located here, will be transferred to the Uzbekistan Writers Union.

Facilities Available

The monument to the great Uzbek poet of the 15th century Alisher Navoi erected in the center of the park, on a hill under a laced domed rotunda. A number of buildings and structures for various purposes are located on in the park, as like, Oliy Majlis (Parliament of Uzbekistan), Navruz Wedding Palace, Navruz Restaurant, Istiklol Concert Hall, art gallery, medieval Abulkasim madrasah (XVI century).

There is an artificial lake on the located in the park, popularly called Komsomolsky. There are beaches along the eastern shore of the lake. There are many attractions and cafes in the Magic City Park.