Tashkent Amir Timur Museum


Visit Guide to Tashkent Amir Timur Museum

The Timurids History State Museum is a museum in the center of Tashkent dedicated to the history of Central Asia during the Amir Timur reign and representatives of the dynasty he founded. The museum is included in the “List of state unique scientific objects” of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and houses more than 5 thousand exhibits related to the Timur’s rule era and the Timurid dynasty. The museum building is a round structure with a classic oriental dome.

Getting There

The Timurids History State Museum is located in the Yunusabad district of Tashkent, in close proximity to Amir Temur Square and Broadway Street. Several buses have stops close to the museum.

Almazar – Buyuk Ipak Yuli  red line and Yunus Rajabi on the Ming Urik – Shahristan green line are the closest metro stations to the museum.

What to Expect

The museum consists of three floors, the second and third of which are completely devoted to the history of the Timurids.

One of the main exhibits of the museum is a copy of the Usman Koran and an impressive panel dedicated to the life of Amir Temur, made in miniature art style and is divided into 3 parts, depicting the life of the ruler from birth to death.

The exhibition entitled “Gifts” presents various images of Amir Temur from different times, gifts from the French Louvre Museum, and correspondence between Amir Temur and the Timurids dynasty with other countries, including Pakistan and Iran, Malaysia and China, Russia and Kazakhstan, Turkey and Georgia.



The solemn opening of the State Museum of Timurids History was held on October 18, 1996 in honor of the 660th anniversary of the birth of the great statesman and Commander Amir Temur, also known worldwide as Tamerlane.