Visit Guide to Absheron National Park

The Absheron National Park surrounding Baku and the easternmost point of Azerbaijan is the last stretch of wilderness on the Absheron Peninsula. This 783 ha semi-arid area is a mecca for water birds and is a popular resting spot for gazelles, jackals, foxes, wolves and snakes.

Getting There

Absheron National Park is located in Baku’s village of Zira, 50 km from the city centre. You may reach there by car, taxi or by bus to Zira village and then take a taxi that will take you to the Park.

What to Expect

The Absheron National Park is a great place for birdwatching, as well as getting acquainted with the flora and fauna of the semi-arid area. You can find gazelles, Caspian seals and a wide range of water birds in the park. One of main attractions of the park are Shahdili, the easternmost point of Azerbaijan, and the “Gate of Love”, a popular place among couples.


The Absheron National Park was established on the 8th of February 2005 on the base of Absheron State Nature Preserve.


  • Public toilets
  • Tourist Information Point
  • Birdwatching spots
  • Binoculars for rent