Visit Guide to Baku Philharmonic Garden

The oldest park in Baku, created in 1830 outside the 12th-century walls of the Old City. Soil was imported specially from Iran, while the stunning Philharmonic Hall was built here in the early 20th century. The park is filled with trees, has a gorgeous fountain and several restaurants and is a lovely spot to stroll in the city centre.

Getting There

You can reach Philharmonia Garden by using the metro – it’s located close to the “Icherisheher” metro station. Buses numbers 10, 18 and 65 stop at this location as well.

What to Expect

Philharmonia Garden, sometimes called Gubernator’s or Governor’s Park, is a park in Baku, Azerbaijan, next to Baku fortress. It has plants, trees and a big fountain in the center. Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is also located at the beginning of the garden. An interesting fact about the park is that it’s home for a lot of parrots which fly around freely and bring a colorful and exotic taste to the atmosphere.


The park was established in 1830, with ship’s captains coming from Iran being asked to bring a sack of soil on their way back. This soil was piled on the shore and later used to cultivate a variety of trees and flowers.

The park was extended to 4.6 hectares (11 acres) in the 1860s and 1870s, originally called Mixaylov bağı, Mikhaelovsky Garden, after the governor. In the early 20th century, there were plans to create a concert hall in the park, but due to objections about felling trees, only a summer pavilion was built. The park was renovated in the 1970s and then further renovated beginning in 2007 on orders of President Ilham Aliyev. An old-fashioned fountain designed by the French company Inter Art has been added, as well as a meeting scene from the film “Ali and Nino” being shot there.

Facilities Available

  • Qubernator Café
  • Fast-food
  • Public Toilet