Visit Guide to Dreamland Golf Club

Dreamland hosts a fantastic 18-hole golf course designed by American landscape architect Cynthia Dye which provides a superb experience with a Mediterranean feel in the Caucasus. The beautifully manicured course is dotted with olive trees and is relatively flat, though with an abundance of bunkers and water features. The luxury club also has a hotel, golf academy, mall and restaurants.

Getting There

You can get to the Dreamland Golf Club by taxi or by private car. They have a big parking zone inside.

What to Expect

The Dreamland golf course provides a premium tournament golf experience in the Caucasus with a refreshing Mediterranean feel. Dye designed it in such a way as to include all the intricacies of golf while still being very playable.

The beautifully manicured course is scattered with native olive trees that lend a lovely local feel and while there are some ups and downs, it remains relatively flat which helps beginners. That said, the abundance of large bunkers and water features present serious challenges for more experienced golfers, as do Baku’s infamous winds.

Dreamland has a fantastic Clubhouse with restaurants, cafes, and a golf shop. There is even a hotel, shopping mall, and fitness center. Another key feature is the Dreamland Golf Academy, a state-of-the-art facility designed to help guests improve their golf.

Facilities Available

  • Dreamland Golf Hotel Baku
  • Dreamland Golf Club Restaurant
  • Supermarket