Tashkent Memorial Square


Visit Guide to Tashkent Memorial Square

The Square of Memory and Honor is a square and a war memorial in Tashkent dedicated to the Uzbek soldiers died in the World War. It is located not far from the Independence Square. The central figure of the memorial is the Mourning Mother sculpture created by the sculptor Ilkhom Jabbarov.

Getting There

The attraction is located in the Yunusabad region. Guests of Tashkent have a few options of getting here:

  • By buses No. 10, 17 and minibuses No. 140 M and 190 M and get off it at the Monument Muzhestva stop.
  • By buses No. 28, 30, 37, 44, 46, 53, 57, 68, 78, 89, 91, 97, 115, 140, 141, 144, 148, 155 and 190а;
  • minibuses No. 12i, 62, 74 m, 76 m, 88, 110 m, 133 m, 136, 168 m and get off it at the Mustakillik Square stop.
  • By metro to Mustakillik Square station along the Chilanzar line. After that a few minute walk to get to Mustakillik stree, which overlooks the famous square.

What to Expect

The Fame Alley where on both sides are located framed galleries, lined with granite and decorated with traditional carved railings pandjara located not far from the statue. The gallery composes fourteen parts (symbolizing the region of Uzbekistan) with memory books in which the names of million Uzbeks are engraved in gold letters who gave their lives for the freedom of country.

The Square of Memory and Honor is a memorial dedicated to soldiers died during the Great World War II. The statue tells us: “No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.” At the end of the Fame Alley, behind the bowl of the Eternal Flame, located in the center of a niche with water, there is a Monument to the Mourning Mother. Before independence, a monument to the Unknown Soldier was located here. Every year on May 9 many people come here to remember and honor the memory of the heroes.


Like many post-Soviet cities, Tashkent got its own memorial, erected in honor of the soldiers who did not return home after 1941-1945. Until the end of the 20th century, the Monument to the Unknown Soldier stood on the site of the Square of Memory and Honor. In front of it, as now, an eternal flame was installed. On Victory Day, residents of the capital were gathering near the memorial, wishing to honor the memory of the soldiers who died for freedom and independence.

In 1999, the President of Uzbekistan ordered the replacement of the monument. In its place, the figure of the mourning mother appeared, symbolizing all women who didn’t wait their sons from the war.

Facilities Available

The Square of Memory and Honor has a perfect location and is close to several attractions like Independence Square, Uzbekistan Fine Arts Gallery, Romanov Palace, the Arch of Good and Noble Aspirations, as well as the Uzbekistan Independence Monument.

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