Andijan Museum of Local Lore


Visit Guide to Andijan Museum of Local Lore

Located in the Andijan region called Eski Shahar (Old City). Scientific and educational center with rich materials on the history of the Fergana Valley. Organized in 1934. There are more than 30 thousand archaeological, numismatic and ethnographic monuments, rare archival documents, manuscripts, photographic materials and other museum exhibits and collections in the museum’s depositories.

Getting There

Ishkhon Ibrat complex is located in the Tura

By train. Railway communication is well developed in Uzbekistan: almost all major cities of the country are connected by railways.

From the station you can get by minibus № 33.

If your car can be reached in ten minutes. If you walk on foot, it will take about forty-five minutes.

What to Expect

In the local history museum, the entire collection is divided into many directions: ethnography, fine arts, applied crafts, archeology and much more. The museum presents a huge collection of exhibits that tell about the life of the population in the ancient, antique, medieval periods of the history of the region.


Andijan Regional Museum of Local Lore – Museum in Andijan. The region was founded on the basis of the Exhibition of Agricultural Achievements (1934). The museum moved in 1982 to a modern building with all amenities.


The attraction has public toilets, a restaurant, tourist information, public transport and taxis.