Andijon Devonaboy Mosque


Visit Guide to Andijon Devonaboy Mosque

One of the main historical and architectural gems of Andijan is the Jami complex, which includes a mosque, a minaret and a madrasah. The construction of the complex lasted from 1883 to 1890. The main advantage of the Jami mosque and madrasah is its size. The buildings of the complex are still considered the largest in the Fergana Valley and one of the largest in Central Asia.

Getting There

By train. Railway communication is well developed in Uzbekistan: almost all major cities of the country are connected by railways.

From the station you can get by minibus №33.

If your car can be reached in ten minutes. If you walk on foot, it will take more than fifty minutes.

What to Expect

The most significant element of the complex and the Jami mosque, in particular, is the minaret, which reaches a height of 32 m. This is the largest minaret in the Fergana Valley. The minaret has an unusual decor. Its entire surface is decorated with an ornament in the form of a medallion, inside of which sayings from the Koran are embossed in Arabic script. The minaret was the final element of the complex. Today you can still see the reservoir, which was built in front of the minaret, as well as a small park that spreads throughout the complex.


The construction of the Jami madrasah lasted from 1883 to 1890. The architectural appearance of the madrasah attracts with its grandiose size. Its length is almost 123 meters. The main facade of the building faces the East according to the canons of Islam. The facade of the building is decorated with a traditional Fergana portal.

As in other similar madrasahs of that period, study rooms are located in the corners of the building, and between them there are living rooms for students – khuzhras. Initially, the building had a U-shape, but over time, the northern and southern wings collapsed, not surviving to this day.

The peculiarity of the building is given by wooden lattices with a geometric pattern – panjara, which are an element of the decor. The Jami madrasah is not only of historical value, but also of architectural value, and it should be especially noted the artistic woodcarving, characteristic of the Fergana masters, which is present in the architecture of the madrasah. The portal and domes of the building are decorated with a mosaic of colors typical for the East – blue and light blue.

Facilities Available

The attraction has public toilets, a restaurant, tourist information, public transport and taxis.