Andijon Babur Literary Museum


Visit Guide to Andijon Babur Literary Museum

At the entrance to the Old Bazaar is the Museum of Crafts, which now houses the museum of the great poet and writer Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, as well as inconspicuous madrasahs Ark-Ichi and Khoja Naib.

Getting There

By train. Railway communication is well developed in Uzbekistan: almost all major cities of the country are connected by railways.

From the station you can get by minibus # 33.

If your car can be reached in ten minutes. If you walk on foot, it will take about forty-five minutes.

What to Expect

The building contains paintings from the life of Babur, the genealogy of the Timurid-Baburid dynasty, suzan, ceramics, Babur’s sword (Middle Ages, XI-XIII centuries, knife length 53 cm). The house is built of baked bricks, all rooms are located around a small courtyard, at the back of the house there is a veranda.


Zakhriddin Mukhammad Bobur is a significant person in Uzbekistan’s history. In Central Asian history, he remains as a great ruler and commander who managed to found a huge empire which existed more than 300 years after his death. He placed himself on record not only in the history of the peoples of the East, but also in world’s literature by creation of “Babur-name” one of his most famous works.

Up to date in Babur’s native city, there is a whole memorial park complex dedicated to Zakhriddin Mukhammad Babur, located on Bagishamol hill at the south-east of Andijan. This is not only a Babur memorial, but also an architectural and historical complex. According to the data from “Babur-name” once, ordered by Babur, the famous Andijan architect mavlono Fazliddin built a summerhouse for meditation, where Babur was having rest when he was young.

Babur Park itself strikes with its indigenous variety. The park is planted with plants from all over the world – over 50 species of trees and the most beautiful flowers. A ropeway is stretching to Bogishamol hill top, which greets a magnificent panorama of the park and city.

Andijan Park named after Babur is visited by thousands of fans of his writing in order to reverence the memory of this oriental ruler, poet and commander. The name of Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur in Uzbekistan ranges among the great writers such as Amir Timur, Ulugbek and Alisher Navoi. There are monuments to Babur in many country’s cities, his name is acquired to streets, parks and avenues, while Andijan will always be present in people’s mind as Babur’s motherland.

Facilities Available

The attraction has public toilets, a restaurant, tourist information, public transport and taxis.