Visit Guide to Ateshgah Fire Temple

The fire-worshipping heritage of ancient Azerbaijan can be seen at Ateshgah, where the Fire Temple amazes visitors with its spouts of flame. The site has been a sacred place for Zoroastrians for thousands of years, however the temple itself dates from the 18th century and was built by fire-worshipping Hindu merchants trading in the area.

Getting There

Ateshgah is located 30 km from the center of Baku in the suburb of Surakhani. Reaching there is easy as there are numerous public transportation options that connect Surakhani to Baku’s centre. As an alternative, you may also get there by car.

What to Expect

Ateshgah Fire Temple is known for its unique natural phenomenon of burning natural gas outlets. The complex consists of main Temple, in the centre of which flames of fire burn day and night. The Temple is surrounded by medieval stone walls, in which smaller rooms where fire-worshippers used to live and pray are located. Each room has its own exhibit and functions as a museum.


Built in the 17th–18th centuries around naturally burning flames which were previously worshipped by Zoroastrians, the site was then an important place of pilgrimage for fire-worshipping Hindus until the 1880s.


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