Azer-Ilme Carpet Weaving Factory


Visit Guide to Azer-Ilme Carpet Weaving Factory

A carpet factory, where Azerbaijan national carpets are made.

Getting There

To reach Azer-Ilme Carpet Weaving Factory you need to take a bus88 which runs from the Puppet Theatre, Rashid Behbudov Song Theatre or Central Bank. You must get off the bus at the stop named “Professional yceum №3” and walk for 5 minutes to the factory’s building.

You can also take a taxi or walk there from “Ganjlik” metro station – it will take you 10 minutes.

What to Expect

“Azer-Ilme” is a carpet factory, where Azerbaijan national carpets are made by the latest technologies. Azerbaijani art of carpet weaving has taken roots into the entrails of centuries – it represents the history of Azerbaijan, its unique culture and national identity. Now “Azer-Ilme” is actively involved in the issue of restoration-development of carpet weaving and has assumed the mission for preservation of traditional ornaments.

Professional artists are employed at “Azer-Ilme”, who are aware of the secrets of national craft and draw the images for carpets, decide the issues of coloring, etc. About 1000 images were prepared by the company, which are being created by the use of characteristic elements of separate groups, or merged ornaments of two or more groups.

Facilities Available

  • Ganjlik Shopping Mall
  • Alp Inn Hotel