Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre


Visit Guide to Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre

First pantomime theatre in the history of theatrical arts of Azerbaijan Republic.

Getting There

You can reach the Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre by taking buses №5, 11, 88 or 85. You can also use a metro – there is 5 minutes walking distance from “28 May” metro station till the theatre.

What to Expect

The main advantage of a pantomime is in internationality of its language. There are no boundaries for it. That is why Pantomime Theatre is one of the best places to visit in Baku if you are interested in art. Currently, the theater continues to operate in the building of the old “Shafaq” cinema, located at 49 “Azadlig” avenue. Theatre has more, than 20 performances in the repertoire. You can visit their website – – to check, which ones are available.


Founder of the pantomime theatre in Azerbaijan is Bakhtiyar Khani-Zadeh. He is the Honored worker of art of the Azerbaijan Republic, senior lecturer of the faculty of Stage Act and Choreography of the Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture.

The theatre-studio of a pantomime “”The Crowd of mads”” was created and acted in TYP since 1994 under the decree of the Ministry of culture of the Azerbaijan Republic Polad Bul-Bul ogli. He has dedicated to theatre of studio 10 actor’s staffs of the high category. Age of an actor’s structure is from 18 up to 30 years. Theatre – studio of a pantomime has given the state status on March 6, 2000.

Today it has more than 40 performances, one of them are “Hope” (S.Beckett) – “Expression for one actor”, “Bouquet of a pantomime” (B.Khani-Zadeh) – a pantomime, “Travel on East” (B.Khani-Zadeh) – a pantomime.

Facilities Available

  • 28 Shopping Mall
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Nikola Tesla Park
  • Restaurants
  • Shops