Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall


Visit Guide to Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall

The Philharmonic Hall mixes Rococo and Renaissance styles and is one of the top buildings of Baku’s Oil Boom architecture. Built in 1910-1912 in the Philharmonic Garden originally to house a Summer Club, in 1936 it was reorganized to house the Philharmonic Society and today folk and classical music concerts continue to happen here.

Getting There

Located right in the city center, the Philharmonic Hall is easy to access by public transportation or personal car, but it is much better to visit as you walk around downtown Baku.

What to Expect

The main concert hall of Baku, this place is the perfect destination for classical music aficionados and fans of symphony orchestra performances. Local and foreign performers often have their concerts here, so make sure to visit and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Philharmonic Hall listening to the performances.


The Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic Hall was constructed throughout 1910–1912 at the request of the city elite in the Italian Renaissance (exterior) and German Rococo (interior) styles.


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  • Entertainment facility