Visit Guide to Baku Crystal Hall

Another admirable iconic structure is the Baku Crystal Hall, located on the Seaside Boulevard. Constructed to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, the Crystal Hall instantly stood out as one of the Caucasus’ most striking 21st-century landmarks. The multifunctional venue today hosts different concerts and sporting events and has a capacity of 25,000.

Getting There

Thanks to its comfortable location on the Baku Boulevard right next to the National Flag Square, it is possible to get there by public transportation or a car. Alternatively, you can enjoy a short walk to the Crystal Hall along the Caspian Sea.

What to Expect

Baku Crystal Hall has a crystalline shape and illuminated façade with numerous LED lights. It is used for hosting major concerts and other large-scale events held in the capital.


The Hall was built in order to host the Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku in 2012 and was opened in May 2012.


  • Arena
  • Concert stage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Public catering
  • Public toilets
  • First-aid points