Visit Guide to Baku Jazz Festival

Once known as the “jazz capital of the Soviet Union”, Baku boasts a rich jazz heritage. Moreover, a local genre called jazz-mugham, synthesising classical jazz and Azerbaijani folk, arose here in the 1960s. The annual Baku International Jazz Festival, taking place in September, features performances, masterclasses, exhibitions, film screenings and lectures.

Getting There

Baku Jazz Festival is held in several different locations each year, which are announced together with the program.

What to Expect

Make sure to visit the Jazz Festival to enjoy the music performance both by Azerbaijani and internationally renowned jazz musicians, listen to master-classes by local and foreign artists, participate in interesting seminars, film screenings and art exhibitions.


The festival has been held every year since 2005 and features many prominent jazz musicians from all over the world getting together and performing at the festival.