Visit Guide to Seaside Boulevard

This beautiful stretch of promenade along the Caspian seashore in Baku allows you to stroll for hours away from the crowds with ever-changing views. The Boulevard has national park status and hosts popular attractions such as the Carpet Museum, Deniz Mall and the Baku Eye. There are also tea houses and restaurants where you can refuel, and you can also rent bikes and electric scooters here.

Getting There

Seaside Boulevard is accessible literally from any place in the city – it is spread across Baku’s coastline for up to 26 km and can be reached by car, public transport or by feet.

What to Expect

Beyond the Old City there is no better way to get a feel for Baku’s relaxed, Mediterranean atmosphere than by strolling along the much-loved Seaside Boulevard – the capital city’s promenade. This beautiful sweep of coast offers hours of pleasant strolling along the waterfront with ever-changing views of the city.

You’ll be able to stop for a ride on the Baku Eye, float along the canals of Little Venice or take a short romantic cruise across the Baku Bay. In the midst of all the strolling, don’t miss dining at one of several contemporary restaurants serving great national cuisine, often accompanied by local folk music, and pause for tea at a classic Azerbaijani teahouse.


The Seaside Boulevard was established in 1909 during the first oil boom. It started as an artificially built seafront and was built gradually, evolving into the favorite place for locals and guests to spend their free time.


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