Visit Guide to Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

Tucked into the Flaming Mountains, the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves hold within their walls a remarkable testament to the region’s Buddhist heritage. Dating back to the 5th century, these ancient caves once formed a vibrant centre of Buddhist art and spirituality, much of which was carried along the Silk Road by monks travelling back and forth between China and India.

Getting There

From the city of Turpan, there are regular buses that take approximately 45 minutes to reach the caves. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or join a guided tour for a more convenient and informative experience.

What to Expect

As you step inside the caves, you are surrounded by intricate murals and sculptures depicting various scenes of Buddhist iconography. Carved into red sandstone cliffs, the caves house a collection of more than 70 grottoes, each adorned with exquisite artwork. The play of light and shadow creates a mesmerising atmosphere and enhances the beauty of the vividly painted frescoes. The highlight of any visit is marvelling at the paintings’ intricate details, from the delicate expressions on the faces of Buddha statues to the vibrant colours created by pigments traded from distant lands along the Silk Road.