Visit Guide to Jiaohe Ancient City

Jiaohe Ancient City, also known as Yarkhoto in the Uyghur language or Yar City, is an archaeological site located in the Yarnaz Valley near the city of Turpan. This ancient city was constructed during the Han Dynasty and served as the capital of the Cheshi Kingdom.

Getting There

The nearest city is Turpan 10km away, which has a well-connected railway station. From there, hire a taxi or take a local bus to Jiaohe Ancient City.

What to Expect

Situated in a barren desert landscape in the Turpan Basin, visitors can explore its maze-like alleys, walk alongside crumbling, mud walls and get up close to Silk Road architectural remnants. Jiaohe’s location, surrounded by arid mountains and the vast expanse of the basin, adds to its sense of forgotten intrigue.


Built on an elevated earthen platform, Jiaohe Ancient City offered natural defences and controlled many of the trade routes in the region, including the nearby early sections of the Silk Roads. The ruins show well-preserved streets, buildings, temples and living areas that provide insights into the daily lives of its inhabitants.