Visit Guide to Emin Minaret

Located in Turpan, the 44m Emin Minaret is one of the tallest ancient minarets in China – a striking symbol of Islamic culture in the region. Constructed in the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty, Emin Minaret was constructed to honour the accomplishments and contributions of the local Muslim ruler, Emin Khoja in 1777. The minaret is made of mud brick and features an elegant Islamic design, with intricate patterns and calligraphy adorning its exterior.

Getting There

Emin Minaret is located in the southeast part of Turpan and is accessible by local city buses and taxis.

What to Expect

The best way to appreciate the minaret is by ascending its interior spiral staircase for a panoramic view from the top. There is also a small museum that chronicles the history and cultural significance of Emin Minaret and the region, with exhibits on Islamic artefacts, historical photos and displays on local heritage and traditions. The minaret also serves as an active religious site where devout locals may be praying and conducting religious ceremonies. Its historical and architectural significance, combined with the religious activities and serene atmosphere, make it a captivating site for visitors seeking to explore the cultural history of Xinjiang.