Visit Guide to Bottle House

The Bottle House is considered one of the rare architectural civil buildings of Azerbaijan and this building is famous for its use of 48,000 bottles of different sizes and sea stones. Portraits of brothers Ibrahim and Yusif are also painted on the ceiling of the house. Nowadays, as the memory from the late Ibrahim, the Bottle House is recognized as one of the most visited two-stored buildings in Ganja.

Getting There

It is located 5-10 minutes walking distance from the city center. Tourist and city guests can easily reach the attraction.

What to Expect

This two-floor building which is called Bottle House is one of the most unusual buildings in Ganja city. “Bottle House” is located at the intersection of two streets Huseyn Javid and Gambar Huseynli and attracts the attention of the visitors of Ganja city. The walls are adorned with 48,000 bottles of different sizes and colors. On the back of the house is written (in Russian), “Let there be love for the unknown soldier of the homeland!”.

There are many people who come to see this residential building, which increases everyone’s interest. Using non-traditional building materials gives the building a special appearance which is pleasing to the visitors. Since the building is in the central streets, visitors can easily find it.


Bottle House was built in 1966-1967. As the name says for itself the building was built from bottles. Indeed, in return for the communist regime’s preference for «equality» in all areas, it was not an easy task to build a house with bottles in one of the central corners of Ganja which gained unusualness due to its application to construction.

In our opinion, the building was created only by the house owner Ibrahim Jafarov’s (who dedicated the building to the memory of his brother Yusif, who did not return from military service) architectural and artistic imagination that later became a unique architectural example which allowed its completion by the confidence of the leaders of the institutions.

Facilities Available

  • Banks
  • ATMs
  • Police departments
  • Cafe
  • Shops
  • Market