Javad Khan Street in Ganja


Visit Guide to Javad Khan Street in Ganja

Javad Khan street is one of the central and long pedestrian streets of Ganja city. This street was named after Javad Khan, the last Khan of Ganja Khanates. The length of the street is about 2.3 km.

Getting There

It is located 3-5 minutes walking distance from the city center. You can also take buses from major attractions and hotels to go to central stops within the city from where you can easily walk. The location is quite accessible and as it is considered one of the central streets, visitors can have an enjoyable walking experience through the history. . The city main roads cross-passing the Javad Khan street and you can reach the place by public transport, taxi or private car.

What to Expect

Javad Khan is a pedestrian-thoroughfare and famous street in the heart of Ganja city. Today, Javad Khan Street is one of the most visited places for many reasons. This place is well-known for its historical buildings, coffee boutiques, restaurants, art clubs, traditional tea-houses, shops and is a major tourist hotspot.

Javad Khan street as well as connects some other central and popular streets where tourists can get acquainted with many interesting monuments, important landmarks of Ganja city. Besides, notable structure and unique style there are various “talking” sculptures and fountains which are located on the street that give the place a special charm.

People love to spend time here enjoying the unique view of the street and feel the local life atmosphere.


Javad Khan was the last Ganja Khan who courageously defended his people and city against the invaders and was martyred in the Ganja Castle. Javad Khan was a representative of the Qajar-Ziyadoglu dynasty. The dynasty was appointed as the ruler of Ganja during the foundation of the Safavid state, and later became the ruler (“Baylarbeyi”) of Karabakh.

The most central and longest street in Ganja, is named after Ganja’s last khan, Javad Khan. This street isone the first streets in Ganja city. When it was first built the name of the street was Elizabethpol. During the Soviet period, the street was named Sabir Street in honor of Mirza Alakbar Sabir.

Javad Khan street is also known for its famous buildings like the house of the Khasmammadov brothers, among the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the building where the first issue of the famous newspaper ‘Azerbaijan’ was published and the famous workshop of the German engineer Singer brothers which was built in 1899.

Facilities Available

  • Ganja Mall
  • Ganja State Philharmonic
  • Taxi
  • Public transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Coffee Shop and Traditional tea houses
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarket
  • Pharmacy
  • Mosque
  • Shops
  • Ganjachay Park-Boulevard Complex
  • German Lutheran Church (Ganja State Puppet Theater)
  • Historical monuments
  • Art center