Visit Guide to Lake Goygol

Lying in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains 45km south of Ganja, Lake Goygol is an icon of the western region whose beauty has inspired much Azerbaijani art, music and poetry. The lake is one of the largest in Azerbaijan and lies at an altitude of 1,556 metres within the Goygol National Park, which is a popular place for picnics and hiking.

Getting There

The simplest way is to rent a car and drive along the scenic road leading up into the Lesser Caucasus Mountains from the city of Ganja. You can also take a taxi or minibus (locally called a marshrutka) from the city of Ganja or the small city of Goygol (10km south of Ganja).

Be aware that taxis may charge more due to the lack of alternative public transport. But also consider that the stunning scenery en route is part of the overall experience.

What to Expect

The lake reaches 93 metres in depth and 1.9 miles in length and its name literally means “Blue Lake”, reflecting the pure colour of the water. There are many rare birds and fish species, including the Goygol trout, while over 400 types of trees, plants and medicinal herbs grow around the lake’s perimeter. 

Tourists prefer to come in spring and summer, though autumn also promises views of the surrounding deciduous forests turning auburn. Several rural-style restaurants and hotels function during the high season. Plus you can walk or take a shuttle bus to another nearby lake called Maralgol, which many consider even more beautiful. The Goygol National Park also provides several marked routes for hiking.


The lake formed as a result of a massive earthquake in 1139, when rocks tumbled down from Mount Kapaz and blocked the Kurekchay river.

Facilities Available

  • Public toilets
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism information point
  • Taxis