Bukhara Char Minnar


Visit Guide to Bukhara Char Minnar

Interesting architectural monuments Chor Minor is situated in the north-east of Bukhara as a part of Labi-Hauz complex. This monument was erected in XVII century and now keeps the unique pages of historical inheritance of our country. The main entrance of the madrassas, and the entire set of buildings did not remained the same, but the descriptions that existed in his time described it as yard with magnificent garden and several monuments.

Getting There

One can get there by car in 15 min from Airport.

By car from railway station in 30 min.

What to Expect

Today, Chor Minor surrounded on all sides by modern dwellings, with the inscription in Arabic: “All people are equal before God.”


Here is a dome that had a value as a venue for the muslim spiritual rites, which often included singing and playing instrumental music. Interior walls and the dome were decorated with religious inscriptions in Arabic. Remains of inscriptions can be seen today.

To the side walls of the central building of the living rooms has attached cells, which form a rectangular courtyard. On the second floor of the madrasa there was a library containing many valuable manuscripts. Thus, for the functioning of madrasas lacks only classroom and some business premises, such as the canteen.

Facilities Available

There are several trading domes and shopping centers, café, restaurants, teahouses, Tourist information ,WI-FI not far from Chor Minor.