Bukhara Silk and Spices Festival


Visit Guide to Bukhara Silk and Spices Festival

The International Silk and Spices Festival is organized every year in late May-early June. This colorful festival of arts is one of the largest in Bukhara, which has become a kind of brand of Uzbekistan.

Getting There

Visitors have the opportunity to get from Tashkent to Bukhara by car. This is one of the fastest. but there are expensive travel options. The distance from Tashkent to Bukhara in a straight line is 443 km. On highways – 580 km.

You can also get from Tashkent to Bukhara by long-distance train.

The third option is by taxi. This is one of the most expensive, but fast enough options. It will be most profitable for group trips. The transfer is carried out by minibuses and passenger cars.

The fourth one is that you can fly from Tashkent to Bukhara by plane. There are 4 planes available in the current direction. The average flight time is 1 h 10 min.

What to Expect

Local craftsmen of gold embroidery, pottery, masters of coinage, carpet weaving and representatives of various crafts showed their works at the festival. A fair of spices and products of Uzbek crafts was organized on the ancient squares in the city center, master classes and a display of traditional crafts were held. The event was also accompanied by a concert with the participation of folklore ensembles and artists, a performance of a local symphony orchestra, a fashion show and a fashion competition.


At the beginning of the XXI century, thanks to the efforts of the national company “Uzbektourism”, the Mayor’s office of Bukhara, and the Association of Artisans” Hunarmand”, the first festival” Silk and Spices ” was organized, designed to revive the cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road and show all the richness of the traditions of local craftsmen. The idea turned out to be so good that the festival became an annual event, and each time it attracted more and more tourists. According to tradition, the festival takes place for several days in late May-early June.

Facilities Available

There are a lot of different hotels, cafes and restaurants in Bukhara, so if you come to the festival, you have a choice. Here are some of them: Amulet Hotel (4.65 km), Amelia Hotel (4.74 km), Bibi-Khanym Hotel(4.96 km), Minzifa Boutique Hotel (5.11 km), B&B / mini Hotel K. Komil (5.16 km)

Restaurants Ayvan Restaurant (4.89 km), Café Wishbone Bukhara (4.70 km), Restaurant “Old Bukhara” (4.75 km), Minzifa (4.97 km), Xon Atlas (4.82 km).