Crescent Development Project


Visit Guide to Crescent Development Project

Skyscraper complex on the Caspian shore designed by the Korean company, Heerim Architects.

Getting There

You can get there by buses №2 or 125. They stop near the Crescent Bay. You can also walk there by boulevard side if your accommodation is somewhere in the city center.

What to Expect

The “Crescent Development Project” is situated one part on the waterfront of Baku. An offshore part, which includes “The Crescent Hotel”, will be located on an artificial island about 170 meters from shore. There will be an office tower (“The Crescent City”), and a residential high-rise building with a podium (“The Crescent Place”), on the coastline behind “The Crescent Hotel”.


The Crescent Development Project or The Crescent Bay is a skyscraper complex which is under construction on the Caspian Sea coast in Baku, Azerbaijan. The complex comprises an offshore hotel (Crescent Hotel), office tower (Crescent City), residential tower, and a retail and entertainment center (Crescent Place). The project is intended to be an architectural landmark.

Facilities Available

  • Baku Boulevard
  • JW Marriott Absheron
  • Holiday Inn Hotel
  • Marine Inn Hotel Baku
  • Port Baku Shopping Mall
  • Restaurants
  • Public Toilet