Visit Guide to Flame Towers

Baku nights wouldn’t be the same without the illuminated Flame Towers – a trio of skyscrapers designed to resemble flames dominating the skyline. One of them houses the Fairmont Baku hotel, a luxurious stay offering spectacular views over the city centre and Baku Bay.

Getting There

Flame Towers are located on the Parliament avenue in the centre of Baku, and it is easily accessible by public transportation, private car or even a nice 15-min walk from the Old City.

What to Expect

These modern symbols of Baku are a perfect Instagrammable place – they look enchanting during the nights as the LED screens on the surface of the towers get illuminated with different animations. Fairmont hotel is located in one of the towers, while others house residential and office spaces, as well as a cinema.


  • Bars/Restaurants
  • Accommodation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cinema
  • Public transportation
  • Taxis