Visit Guide to Hazrati Imam Complex

The religious complex Hazrati Imam (Khast Imam, Khazret Imam) is located in the capital of Uzbekistan, at the grave of the Tashkent imam Hazrati. The scientist was one of the first religious preachers in the city. According to historical legends, Hazrati Imam spoke more than 70 languages and performed the translation of the Old Testament into Arabic. You can see over the Hazrati Imam complex in Tashkent from the outside for free as well as freely enter some rooms.

Getting There

Khast Imam complex is located in the Sibzar old Tashkent district a visit to which is interesting not only because of a visit to the Khast-Imam ensemble – the area is very colorful: old adobe houses, narrow alleys. By car from the city center, you need to move along Karasarayskaya Street. Near the complex there is Khast Imam Mosque bus stop, which can be reached by buses No. 42, 43, and109.

A little further, at a distance of 5-7 minute walk, there is a stop Karasaraiskaya with a bus No. 5 and route taxi No. 34 running regularly.

What to Expect

The Khast Imam square with the architectural complex looks oriental and ambient, especially at night: thanks to the illumination, the whole complex resembles a mirage of a fairytale city floating in the air from old Middle Eastern fairy tales. A well-thought-out landscape also adds beauty: neat lawns, flower beds, shrubs. Storks walk onsite.

The Hazrati Imam Ensemble is a complex that combines ancient religious buildings with modern ones. The total area of the complex is 2 hectares. The architectural ensemble includes the Hazrati Imam Cathedral Mosque. This is a new part of the ensemble.

The mosque was built in 2007, the initiator of the project was the President of the country, Islam Karimov. The mosque has 2 minarets of 53 meters in height each and 2 domes covered with gold leaf from the inside. The vaulted hall at the entrance is decorated with sandalwood columns. Through specially designed windows, light enters the mosque throughout the day.


The cathedral mosque in the capital of Uzbekistan is a piece of modern architecture. It was built in 2007 and occupied its rightful place in the ensemble of Khazrati Imam, Tashkent Muslim spiritual center buildings.

The architectural complex of religious buildings in Karasaray Street area developed over the course of the – ⅩⅪ centuries around the Tashkent imam Kaffal Shashi grave, revered Islamic preacher who lived in the century.

Hazrati Imam (Khazret Imom, Khast Imam) in translation means “Great Imam”. The Muslim pilgrimage to the Imam Kaffal Shashi tomb has a thousand-year history. Since the ⅩⅥ century, when a mausoleum was built over the grave of Hazrati Imam, other religious buildings were gradually constructed nearby.

In ⅩⅥ century, the Barak Khan Madrasah and the Muyi Muborak Madrasah (Sacred Hair), repositing the Koran of Usman, written on parchment in Ⅶ century, and the hair of the Prophet Muhammad, were built. At the same time, two mausoleums were being built – Suyunij Khan and Bezymyanny. In ⅪⅩ century, the Tilla-Sheikh and Namazgokh mosques appear.

Facilities Available

The domes interior design deserves special attention, richly decorated with intricate floral ornament combining traditional for Islam deep blue color and gold leaf. The aivan, a gallery with a canopy in the mosque interior face, has a high art value. The canopy, intended for worshipers outside the building, is supported by twenty carved columns, made of sandalwood and decorated with delicate handmade ornaments.

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