Visit Guide to Isa bey Hajinski House

Located next to the ancient Maiden Tower in central Baku, this is one of the brightest examples of the city’s Oil Boom architecture, built during the period of the rapid development of Azerbaijan’s oil industry in the early 20th century. It was the residence of the maecenas, local aristocrat and businessman Isa bey Hajinski and beautifully reflects the eclecticism typical of the architecture of this period.

Getting There

To reach the Isa bey Hajinski House you need to reach the Maiden Tower in the Old City. You can use a metro and walk 5-10 minutes from “Icherisheher” metro station, or use buses № 5, 10, 18, 88, and 125. These buses go to the stop “Puppet Theatre”, it’s 2 minutes away from the attraction.

You can also use a taxi to get there.

What to Expect

Isa bey Hajinski House or the House of Hajinski is located near the Maiden’s Tower in Sabail, Baku. The Hajinski residence reflected the status, position and colossal authority of its owner. The house was modeled after a house of cards. The lightness and airiness of its shape, emphasized by the seven spires of different height, the brilliantly designed corner facade, with its colorful tower and rich architectural décor carried out in the best traditions, and mosaic works in the style of ancient Assyria create a fantastic impression and take you to a fairytale world.

The irrepressible fancy of the owner, the refined taste of the architect and the high quality of the construction created an authentic masterpiece of pure Baku architecture which managed to absorb and organically synthesize the influences of very different cultures.


This building is part of the German heritage of Azerbaijan. It was built by the German architect Johann Wilhelm Edel, in 1912 for Isa Bey Hajinski. Isa Bey Hajinski was an Azerbaijani wealthy landowner, industrial magnate, philanthropist, and owner of kerosene fabric in Black City district of Baku.

There is another memorial in the building. There was outstanding scientist and first academician Yusif Mammadaliyev in the field of chemistry. At that time, Mammadaliyev was the one who created the best high-flammable fuel and thus made a great contribution to science. He took his apartment here in the years after the war. The point is that Mammadaliyev, who studied and worked at the Moscow State University before the war, returned to the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil Research after returning to Baku.

Here, he has made some of the most significant inventions for the front. An example is the improvement the quality of Soviet fuel. Thanks to this fuel, the famous T-34 tanks have become the fastest tanks of the Second World War. Soon, Mammadaliyev was provided with a flat from the third floor of the coastal house, as the head of the laboratory. The scientist lived all his life there.

Facilities Available

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  • The Maiden Tower
  • The Medieval Market Square
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