Visit Guide to Maiden Tower

A much-loved symbol of Azerbaijan looming dark and enigmatic, overlooking the sea at the edge of Icherisheher. The origins of the tower are shrouded in mystery an. Some evidence suggests that the Tower was built in 6th-7th centuries BC and was used as a fortress for defense in the 12th century.

Getting There

The Maiden Tower is conveniently located in the heart of the Old City, so you can easily reach the Old City by a car, a taxi or a bus and visit the famous landmark as you walk down the narrow streets of the medieval fortress.

What to Expect

The Maiden Tower is certainly Baku’s most mysterious site – no one knows for certain what it was originally built for. As you enter and walk up seemingly endless stairs inside the tower, you can get familiarized with its history through numerous multimedia installations. As you reach the top, you get a perfect view of the Baku Bay from the viewpoint on top of the Maiden Tower.


Some researchers attribute the history of the monument to the ancient periods, stating that it dates back to the Zoroastrian period. Given resemblance of architectural elements of the Maiden Tower to the North-Eastern Albania donjons, some researchers attribute it to V-VI AD. Others relate it to XII century, stating that it was used as a defensive structure.


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