Visit Guide to Mardakan Fortress

A 12th-century castle dating in the coastal village of Mardakan on the Absheron Peninsula. The quadrangular stronghold was erected to honour a victory of Shirvanshah king Akhsitan I and served as a shelter, defence and observation point. The height of the main tower is 22 metres and great views await visitors at the top.

Getting There

Mardakan village is located within 30-min ride from Baku and can be easily accessed by public transportation or car. The castle is immediately visible as you enter the village.

What to Expect

The Quadrangular Mardakan fortress or the Mardakan castle is one of the oldest and tallest fortresses on the Absheron peninsula. When you enter the yard of the castle, you may notice one of its most interesting features – 2 wells. These wells, each about 2 meters deep, were mainly used for storage of various types of products preserved during enemy attacks.


The Mardakan fortress was built by Shirvanshah I Akhsitan in the 12th century (1187-1188) in honor of the brilliant victory of the ruler over his enemies. Castle was used as a shelter and observation point of feudals.


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