Visit Guide to Masazir Lake

Often referred to as the “Pink lake”, Masazir salty lake is located a 30-min drive away from Baku city center. Its water contains a specific type of algae that makes the surface look pink in specific lighting.

Getting There

Masazir Lake is located within 30-min ride from Baku in the settlement of the same name and can be easily accessed by public transportation or car.

What to Expect

Masazir is a salty lake which, under specific lighting, gets a pink shade due to algae that can be found in its waters. There is a salt making plant that operates on the premises and extracts salt from the lake for further refining.


Salt extraction on this lake started in 1813 and a modern salt plant was built here in 2010. Nearby, Masazir Salt Refinery operates, refining the salt extracted from the lake and further proceeding with the production of salt packs for sale.


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