Visit Guide to Mayak Beach

The picturesque Mayak Beach is renowned for its golden sands and calm Caspian waters perfect for swimming. Enjoy sunbathing, beach volleyball and seaside picnics with amenities like restrooms and lifeguards ensuring a safe, relaxing coastal getaway.

Getting There

Mayak Beach is located in Shuvalan district, and there is no bus that goes close to the beach area. You can take a taxi or use a private car to get there.

What to Expect

Mayak Beach is a beach area, located in Shuvalan district on the Absheron Peninsula. Shuvalan district is also known by the Lighthouse. Built in 1907, it is located near the rescue station at Cape Shoulan. You can see the lighthouse from the Mayak Beach and other beach areas in this district.

Facilities Available

  • Shuvalan lighthouse