Visit Guide to Miniature Books Museum

Located near the Shirvanshahs’ Palace in Baku’s Old City, this hidden gem holds a record-breaking collection of 8,000 tiny books from 76 different countries. Among the beautifully designed books of diverse genres and themes are some as small as a matchbox or postage stamp. And you can even see the world’s smallest book, measuring 2x2mm, which you’ll need a magnifying glass to read!

Getting There

The museum is conveniently located in the heart of the Old City, so you can easily reach the Old City by a car, a taxi or a bus and visit the museum as you walk down the narrow streets of the medieval fortress.

What to Expect

Housed in an elegant building not far from the Shirvanshahs’ Palace in the Old City of Baku, the Museum of Miniature Books stores around 8,000 tiny printed publications from 76 different countries. Here you’ll see beautifully designed books of the most different genres and themes that are as small as a matchbox or postage stamp. Moreover, the collection contains the world’s smallest book, measuring 2x2mm. The museum, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest collection of miniature books in the world, has long been a popular place among tourists.


A big book lover and expert, the museum’s director Zarifa Salahova acquired an 1835 facsimile edition of Krylov’s Fables in Moscow in 1982 and later, having developed a serious passion for miniature books, founded this unusual museum.


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