Visit Guide to Mir Movsum Aga Shrine

Mosque and shrine complex located in Shuvalan village outside Baku.

Getting There

To reach the Mir Movsum Aga Shrine in Shuvalan village you need to get on the bus №136 near the “Koroglu” metro station. You can also take a taxi or use a private car.

What to Expect

This mosque and shrine complex is located in an area known as the “ancient cemetery“in Shuvalan village outside Baku. The centerpiece of the complex is the tomb of Aga Seyidali Mir Abutalib oglu Mir Movsumzadeh. Popularly known by the moniker Ataga (“Boneless “), Aga Seyidali Mir Movsumzadeh gained legendary status in his lifetime through his natural ability to help people, make them strong in their faith, and give them moral comfort and support.


Aga Seyidali Mir Movsumzadeh was born in 1883, lived in Baku’s Inner City for a long time and died in 1950. He was buried in Shuvalan. A small tomb marked Mir Movsum Aga’s grave until 1992 when it was replaced by an impressive, beautiful memorial. As the complex sits on the site of a graveyard, virtually no machinery was used in construction and almost all the work was done by hand.

Facilities Available

  • Café
  • Parking
  • Public Toilet