Visit Guide to Museum of Modern Art

Baku’s MoMA has a collection of over 800 pieces, mostly avant-garde and representing the best Azerbaijani painters and sculptors since the mid-20th century. Plus there are pieces by Western avant-gardists Picasso, Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali. The spacious building also has an art cafe, restaurant and bookstore.

Getting There

Located right in the city center, the museum is easy to access by public transportation or personal car, but it is much better to visit as you walk around downtown Baku.

What to Expect

The main exhibits displayed at the Museum of Modern Art are the best paintings and sculptures of the avant-garde art of Azerbaijan since the second half of the XX century. This exposition represents the artist’s observations, searches and the freedom of the human spirit. The museum is designed as a single organism that combines architecture, design, painting and sculpture, both in terms of exhibited works and appearance. Today, the museum has about 800 exhibits.


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