Nariman Narimanov Monument


Visit Guide to Nariman Narimanov Monument

A monument to the prominent Azerbaijani public and political figure Nariman Narimanov.

Getting There

To get to the monument you need to use a bus №10 from the bus stop near the “Sahil” metro station. It will bring you directly to the “Nariman Narimanov Garden” bus stop. You can also use a bus  №77 or 18.

What to Expect

The monument to Nariman Narimanov is a monument to the prominent Azerbaijani public and political figure Nariman Narimanov, located in the capital of Azerbaijan, in the city of Baku, in the Yasamal district, on Nariman Narimanov Avenue. Sculptor – People’s Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR Jalal Karyagdy, architects – T. Abdullayev, Y. Kadymov.


Nariman Karbalayi Najaf oghlu Narimanov was an Azerbaijani Bolshevik revolutionary, writer, publicist, politician and statesman. In the realm of literature, his most famous works are “Bahadur and Sona”, “Nadir shah” and so more. Narimanov also translated into Turkic Nikolai Gogol’s “The Government Inspector” and wrote many plays, stories and novels, such as Bahadur and Sona (1896). He was also the author of the historical trilogy, Nadir-Shah (1899).

According to Heydar Aliyev, it was not easy to erect a monument to Narimanov. Aliyev visited Suslov and Brezhnev twice, but they, as Aliyev recalled, had completely different information about Narimanov. Finally Aliyev managed to get his way. On June 6, 1972, the opening of the monument took place. Heydar Aliyev delivered a speech at the opening.

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