Visit Guide to Ramana Fortress

Located in the village of Ramana near Baku, this is a quadrangular castle dating to the 12th century. It was built by the ruling Shirvanshahs for defence purposes and together with other castles on the Absheron Peninsula protected Baku from invasions via the Caspian Sea. The castle has featured in films including Koroghlu, Nesimi and Babek.

Getting There

Ramana village is located within 30-min ride from Baku and can be easily accessed by public transportation or car.

What to Expect

The Ramana Castle is built on rocks and there are two stairs leading to the top of the castle walls. It is also possible to walk up by spiral stairs from inside the tower. From the viewpoint, a scenic view to the village opens up.


Exact construction date of the tower is unknown. It is considered that the tower was built for defense purposes and used as a castle during the period of the Shirvanshah state.


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  • Public transportation