Visit Guide to State Puppet Theatre

Named after local writer Shaig Abdulla, the Puppet Theatre is housed in an historic French Renaissance-style building on the Baku Seaside Boulevard. The theatre was founded in 1931 and hosts a range of performances in Azerbaijani and Russian for kids and adults, including local classics like “If Not That One, Then This” and “Jirtdan”.

Getting There

Located right in the city center on the Baku Boulevard, the theatre is easy to access by public transportation or personal car, but it is much better to visit as you walk around downtown Baku.

What to Expect

The State Puppet Theatre offers various performances both for kids and adults in Russian and Azerbaijani, so a visit to the theatre would be a perfect activity for the whole family.


The Puppet Theatre was built in 1910 by Polish architect Józef Plośko, initially as the French Renaissance “Phenomenon” movie theater. After changing its functionality several times, it became a theatre in 1931.


  • Accessibility
  • Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment facility
  • Public transportation