Bukhara Kukeldash Medressa


Visit Guide to Bukhara Kukeldash Medressa

The Kukeldash Medressa, situated in the heart of Bukhara, was once one of the largest medressas in Central Asia. As such, it holds great historical value. Beyond its history, the exceptional quality of the craftsmanship on display in its decoration marks it out among the many architectural highlights of Bukhara.

Getting There

Located near the pedestrian Lyabi Hauz, at the heart of old Bukhara, the Kukeldash Medressa can be easily reached on foot.

What to Expect

What sets the Kukeldash Medressa apart is its unique architectural design. Unlike other medressas of the time, it features walls adorned with niches, balconies, and stucco ornaments instead of solid structures. The spacious courtyard is surrounded by 160 hujra cells spread across two floors.

Crafted by master artisans, the madrasah showcases intricate stucco arches, decorative vaults, and mosaic work. Despite undergoing various transformations throughout history, it remains remarkably well-preserved, thanks to restoration efforts. The northern part of the building now houses a museum dedicated to Sadriddin Ayni, a prominent Central Asian poet and writer of the modern era.


Constructed between 1568 and 1569 during the reign of Abdullah-Khan II, this impressive structure is the largest medressa in Bukhara and one of the largest in Central Asia.

Funded by the influential Bukhara governor Kulbab, who held close relationships with the khans, the medressa was named after him due to his esteemed status in the khan’s court.

Facilities Available

Kukaldosh Boutique Hotel is located near Kukaldosh Madrasah. The boutique hotel “Kukaldosh” is very much appreciated by tourists and locals. Kukaldosh Madrasah and other attractions are a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Near the Madrassa there are many European and national restaurants serving European and national cuisine.