Visit Guide to Chorsu Ancient Market

Chorsu market, as interpreted “four ways” in Uzbek, is located near the famous Sherdor spiritual school and within walking distance from Registan Square. The building of the covered market was put up in the fifteenth century at a strategically important intersection of two roads connecting large ancient cities on the territory of present-day Uzbekistan. That is, the name of the market is essentially a clear indication of the place where it was built.

Getting There

The most convenient way to get to the ancient market building is by bus. The nearest stops are Registan Square with buses No. 41 and 92 running regularly, as well as the Zoological Shop, which can be reached by buses No. 41, 73 and 92. If you get off at the Zoological Shop stop, then one need to move directly through the square itself towards Tashkent Street which will bring to the recognizable Chorsu dome. If you start moving from the Registan Square, then the fastest way to reach the ancient market is along Islam Karimov Street.

Another way to get to the ancient Chorsu market is by taxi. There is a convenient iTaxi service in Samarkand with a mobile taxi booking app. Another popular service is Orchid Mirage Taxi.

You can also get to your destination in a personal or rented car. There are city parking spaces within walking distance from the ancient Chorsu market.

What to Expect

Until a certain time, the ancient Chorsu market fully justified its name. Here one could meet buyers and sellers briskly bargaining among themselves, curious visitors, certainly found what they were looking for in the market, because Chorsu was overflowing with all kinds of goods. Here you could taste local nuts, honey, sweets, and fruits; there was also a proper dairy department onsite. Huge selection of sauces and spices, which could be purchased not only for yourself, but also as a gift.

Currently, the ancient Chorsu market is not functioning as the market in itself. The dome houses a gallery that hosts exhibitions of famous Uzbek artists and sculptors, lived and worked at different times. In another pavilion there are craft rows selling handmade souvenirs, jewelry, embroidered suzane, national pichok knives, wattled baskets and chased trays, national musical instruments.


Chorsu Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Tashkent and the whole of Central Asia; the most famous bazaar in Uzbekistan. This richest market is like the embodiment of legends about the Ancient East. It was of great importance in the development of trade along the Great Silk Road. The name of the market is very symbolic and in translation means “four ways”.

Chorsu Bazaar is included in 1000 popular places in the world according to our website. Geographically, it is located in the Old Town, surrounded by craft and workshop quarters. Once, next to the market was one of the largest caravanserais, receiving Indian merchants. The modern building was built in the 20th century and fits perfectly into the overall architectural appearance of Tashkent. There are medieval mosques and madrasahs around, but the building of the Chorsu market stands out against their background with a huge dome of a blue hue.

Facilities Available

Everything in the market can be touched, tasted, checked for freshness. Nearby there are catering rows where tourists like to drink green tea or eat hot samsa. Lovers of real Uzbek pilaf will also be satisfied. In a word, the color of the market is at a high level. Here you can also meet folk artisans: a coppersmith who draws beautiful ornaments on jugs, a blacksmith forging original knives right in front of your eyes. The shops with national musical instruments are very interesting: domra, zurna, zang, etc.

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