Visit Guide to Durca Village

Durca is a village of approximately 120 houses surrounded by mountains, steep rocks, and forests on all four sides. It is bordered by Russia Federation from the north, Laza from the east, and Hamzali river from the west. It is 3-4 km away from Gabala city. The local people are mostly the Lezgi ethnics. The main occupation of the population is cattle breeding. The river with the same name as the village flows in the center of the village.

Getting There

From Baku to the village is 223 km and approximately four hours by car. To arrive in the village from Baku, possible to get shuttle buses from Baku international bus station complex to arrive in Qabala city firstly, then way to the Durca village can be done with taxis or the guests can order taxi to go to Durca village directly from Baku and or get in minivans to the village from Baku. Plus, Baku-Gabala train is very convenient and can be used like transport remedy to arrive in Qabala city and from Gabala taxi costs 8-10 manat to arrive in Durca village. At 3-4 km from the city of Gabala, there is also  an asphalt road to the “Tufandağ Hotel” and from the “Tufandağ Hotel”, there is just one km stone road to the village by walk.

What to Expect

At the same time, the village has a lot of places to visit and see – there are three hilly mountains, meadows (black rock, “bala rock”, golden rock, roe deer rock), “Armudlu”, blackthorn, and Suleyman – cold springs. There are also 3 magnificent waterfalls. There is a place with a very different view called Single Tree. Also, 5 km away from the plateau is “Gosha Dashlar”, and right below it there is Buz hole, which has three meadows – i.e., large meadows.

Its nature is so fresh that its water and air are very suitable for cardiovascular diseases, wounds, and ulcers. At the same time, the village’s climate is compared to that of Switzerland.                                 Additionally, we can say the village is very close to Tufandag and who enjoys the walking they can go there to see the amenities and use touristic facilities in Tufandag Ski Resort Complex.


There is no exact history of the village, but according to many sayings among local people of Durca, the village’s history comes from Caucasus Albania.  Herein, it is good to add that the people mostly start to be inhabited in summer months in the village.

Facilities Available

  • Taxis