Visit Guide to Huseynov Street

Located in Lahij settlement, which is one of Ismayilli’s must-see places, various copper workshops and shops are concentrated in this neighborhood.

Getting There

It is possible to come to Ismayilli from Baku International Bus Station at 08:00, 10:00, 12:00. Buses to Lahij run from Ismayilli Bus Station at 08:00 and 12:00. It is also possible to use a taxi from Baku to Ismailli or from Ismailli to Lahij. It is possible to go to Lahij by private car along the Baku-Shamakhi-Demirci-Lahic road.

What to Expect

The Lahij settlement hosts too many tourists today, from all over the world and the destinations is popular place also for the local visitors. The presence of different shops and workshops on the street increases the interest of tourists to this street. The visiting tourists can participate in the masterclass, where they will create different decorations and patterns in these workshops according to their wishes.


Previously, the street was called “Shah Street”, “Bazar Street”, “Agholu Quarter”. Although it was called Lenin Street during the Soviet period, after the independence period, it was named after Nizami Huseynov, who was martyred in the “Dasalti” operation and lived on that street.

Facilities Available

The street has 5 copper workshops, 3 shops selling copper products, 1 hat workshop, 8 leather goods shops, 4 markets, 5 tourist souvenir shops, 1 carpet shop, 2 springs, 4 cafes, 3 butchers, 1 community house, 1 ATM, 2 toilets operate.