Visit Guide to Sheki Caravanserai

During the Silk Road, which passed through Sheki, caravanserais served as places where travelling merchants stayed and traded. Two remain in Sheki today: the Upper and Lower caravanserais along the historic Akhundzade Street. The Upper Caravanserai is not only an outstanding architectural monument but a functioning hotel with a teahouse, restaurant and views of the Caucasus Mountains.

Getting There

Once an important stop on the legendary Silk Road, the city of Sheki in the north-west of Azerbaijan is located around 4-4.5 hours of drive from Baku. You can travel to Sheki by car or take one of numerous inter-city buses leaving for Sheki from the Baku International Bus Station.

What to Expect

The upper and lower caravanserai are the main sights of the right bank of the Gurjana River in the city of Sheki. The lower caravanserai, with a total area of 8,000 square meters, has 242 rooms. The building has an entrance gate on four sides. The upper caravanserai of the XVIII century with more than 300 rooms has a total area of 6000 square meters and a height of 14 m. The main facade of the building faces the bank of the river, while a richly decorated arch of the main entrance to the courtyard is located in the corner of the building. The upper caravanserai is used today as a hotel.


In XVIII-XIX centuries in Sheki there were five large Caravanserai built along the Great Silk Road to house merchants traveling through the city, of which, at the present time only two have been preserved, which are the largest in the entire region.


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