Zagatala Castle Walls


Visit Guide to Zagatala Castle Walls

The main historical attraction in the city of Zagatala is the imposing crenellated walls erected by the Russian army in the early 19th century. They housed a military garrison that played an important role in the Caucasian War, when the Russians fought the mountaineers of Sheikh Shamil. Later, the mutineers of the Battleship Potemkin were imprisoned here in 1907. Within the walls traces of a water reservoir, stables, gunpowder warehouse, cannons and church-cum-cultural club are still visible.

Getting There

Around 4 hours and you will find yourself in Zagatala region, where the castle walls are located. An inter-city bus traveling from Baku to Zagatala will get you to the centre of Zagatala city. Alternatively, you can always travel there by car.

What to Expect

The top attraction in Zagatala are the remains of a vast fortress built here to house a Russian military garrison in the 1830s which later became famous as the place where the mutineers of the Battleship Potemkin – a key episode in the run-up to the Russian Revolution – were imprisoned in 1907. Today, what’s left are the impressive fortified walls along with the ruins of a water reservoir, stables, gunpowder warehouse, cannons and former Russian church turned cultural club.


The Zagatala Fortress was built by the Russians in 1830, shortly after the annexation of the north-western Azerbaijan and was used to defend the area.


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