Visit Guide to Sheki Khan’s Palace

One of Azerbaijan’s most exquisite buildings, the Khan’s Palace is located in the Sheki Fortress in the UNESCO-protected Historic Centre of Sheki. It was the summer residence of the Sheki Khans in the 18th century and features a facade covered with colourful decorative tiles and an interior lavishly decorated with frescoes and shebeke windows – mosaics of coloured glass set in wooden lattices.

Getting There

Once an important stop on the legendary Silk Road, the city of Sheki in the north-west of Azerbaijan is located around 4-4.5 hours of drive from Baku. You can travel to Sheki by car or take one of numerous inter-city buses leaving for Sheki from the Baku International Bus Station.

What to Expect

Resting in the shade of 500-year-old plane trees at the top of Sheki, the lavishly decorated Palace of Sheki Khans is our most exquisite architectural monument of the khanate period. The local rulers clearly had an eye for detail: the palace is laden with intricate details both inside and out, from sprawling frescoes to geometrically patterned tiles. The palace’s windows are also the best place to see one of Sheki’s signature crafts – shebeke, a technique of filling wooden lattices with thousands of pieces of coloured glass fitted together without glue or nails.


The Palace was built in the late 18th century as the ruling Sheki Khan’s summer residence in the cool foothills of the Caucasus Mountains.


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